About Us

SIT Indeva Inc., of Charlotte, NC, the North American headquarters of SIT S.p.A of Italy, founded in 1838 by Martino Scaglia, manufactures high quality power transmission components, conveying products and industrial manipulators.  Supported by ISO 9001, ATEX and RoHS certifications, SIT S.p.A is able to deliver innovative solutions worldwide. With offices in Europe, Asia and North America, SIT is positioned to provide total support anywhere on the globe.

As a clear leader in synchronous drive design, we manufacture urethane timing belts with steel or aramid cords offered as open ended, splice welded or truly endless. Innovative solutions include EMF pin splice for field installations, EFT Mechanical Attachment System for “bolt-on cleats,” integral V-guides, special backings, perforations, and profiles. Turnkey conveying and drive solutions include our designing and manufacturing of timing pulleys in aluminum or steel, pulley bar stock, and clamp plates. In addition, our Eagle Pd® sprocket and drive system with helical offset design accompanied by our extensive experience in polyurethane belts and metal pulleys is a driving force in the power transmission and linear market. Add to that the complete line of keyless locking devices Sit-lock®, and you have a comprehensive market leader.

Known throughout Europe as a key player in the Power Transmission industry, SIT has carved out a niche in numerous industries including packaging, material handling, wood processing, textile, pulp and paper, automotive, motion control, mining industries, just to name a few. With coupling products such as the flexible jaw coupling Trasco® for general industry and its sister couplings Trasco®-ES for high speed indexing and servo motor applications, disc couplings Metaldrive® and Servoplus® bellows couplings, SIT is a major force in the global shaft-to-shaft connection market.

Scaglia Indeva, manufacturer of industrial manipulators and tools for lean manufacturing applications (modular structures and AGV's) since 1970, is today a world leader in supplying material handling solutions. Our experience, know-how and state of the art technology developed by our R&D department, enables Scaglia Indeva to address the customer’s needs for higher productivity combined with safety, efficiency and ergonomics.

Specialties: Material handling, Industrial manipulators, lean manufacturing solutions, AGV's, modular structures



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