Liftronic Easy

Intelligent Device for Handling

Liftronic® EASY belongs to the Liftronic® series of intelligent industrial manipulators; designed for simple applications and non-complex and rapid work cycles. It is used with mechanic lifting tools (hooks, pantograph chucks, jaws, clamps, etc…).

Liftronic® EASY features an advanced pre-programmed logic that makes its performance really unique, yet it is simple to install and maintain. All this together with its competitive price makes Liftronic® EASY a really cost effective investment with very high short term returns. Different models are available for capacities up to 240 kg and for applications on different supports such as freestanding column, ceiling, overhead rails and jibs.

Indeva Liftronic Easy vs. a hoist (click here)

Technical features

Max work radius: mm 4000
Max lifting speed: 0,6 mi/second
Control: electronic
Power supply: 110/ 230 Volt A/C – 50/60 Hz
Max power consumption: 700 VA
Enclosure protection: IP 54
Work temperature: da 0° a 40° C
Noise level: 40 dB (A)
Safety devices: a failsafe mechanic lock is triggered in the case of a power shortage and a brake limits the lowering speed of the motor


Liftronic Easy column mounted, with jointed arm

Liftronic Easy ceiling mounted, with jointed arm.


* Net capacity depends on the end effector weight and on duty cycle time.
* Data relative to both Liftronic series versions (Liftronic and Liftronic Easy)


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