Pneumatic manipulators series PN FLEX

Pneumatic manipulator with a flexible rope in place of the vertical rigid arm. The PN Flex series pneumatic manipulators are suitable for the handling loads having their baycenter on the Z axis of the vertical arm. They allow flexible load picking/releasing movements.

Technical features Pneumatic manipulators PN FLEX

Max Capacity: kg 80
Lifting speed max: 0,75 metri/secondo
Control: pneumatico
Air peressure: 6,0 Bar
Work temperature: da +5° a +50° C
Noise Level: <70 dB
Optional feature: suitable for applications in controlled environment with danger of explosion, according to the ATEX
Safety devices: equipped with safety devices that retain the grip on the load, even in case of loss of air supply.


Pneumatic manipulator PN FLEX, column mounted with jointed arm



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